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SEO audits blog

What is an SEO audit?

We regularly get asked by clients how we can improve their search rankings but this isn’t something that can be fixed overnight. We’d recommend that monitoring and tweaking your website for SEO are performed on a regular basis with changes and improvements reported on at regular intervals.

The starting point of any SEO project is an initial SEO audit – with a clear set of recommendations for improvements you can implement as part of your ongoing optimisation project.

What is an SEO audit?

Effra run bespoke SEO audits that look at the following key areas – tailored to an organisations specific objectives: 

Competitor landscape analysis and analytics

In order to understand how your website is performing for SEO we benchmark your websites against your competitors, analyse your website analytics and make recommendations on keywords and any key word gaps.

On page SEO

On page SEO is about how to optimise the content on your website for search engines and includes meta descriptions and tags, creating SEO-friendly URLs, how to structure and create original content for your pages.

Off page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to your search presence outside of a website and the tactics applied to improve its rankings. These include your Google Business listing, number of websites linking through to you, social media marketing and more. The key goal of off-page SEO is to get search engines (and users) to see your site as more trustworthy and authoritative. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimising your website to allow search engines to access, crawl, understand, and index your pages without any problems.

What we offer

Effra offers bespoke, tailored SEO audits looking at all these areas and can also help your organisation implement the improvements. Please get in touch with the team if this is something that you’d like to discuss. Email