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Effra Digital is 5

Effra Digital turns 5

Just over 5 years ago, during a rare long weekend away from hectic day to day life, the idea of starting an agency was first floated. A few months later notices were handed in and we were on our way with Effra Digital from January 2016.

We understood the risk, but Jonny had been growing his freelance work in London agencies for a number of years and I had good contacts and experience to bring in.

The last 5 years have flown and we’ve been very fortunate to make some great connections early on that have led to long term partnerships and a network of work. We also decided early on to ground ourselves in the burgeoning community we worked and lived in – Brixton – which has led to some great projects close to our hearts.

In the last few years our processes have evolved and become more focused. The standard of our discovery and design continues to improve as a result.

We’ve also fine-tuned our offering to now provide web design, development and digital strategy and digital campaign support.

We are still a small team but growing and have been joined by Sibilla who leads on all the creative elements and has made a big impact on our design quality. We also continue to draw from our talented list of associates.

2020 has been the strangest year so far – but we’re grateful to finish the year busier than ever. We know COVID-19 has been tough for some of our clients and we’ve tried to support them as much as possible. It’s also been opportunity for some to evolve and reinvent by delivering more products and services online.